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Welcome to T-Comm. Take a look at the map of all active buses, or find the current location or operating history of a specific bus by using the search box or filters above.

News & Updates

29 November, 2023 - West Van buses are now searchable under their "normal" fleet number (no 8, 80 prefix).

12 November, 2023 - The Rove tab has been added as an new interface from a traveler's perspective. This is still in early stages of development, and more details will be added later.

19 April, 2023 - The route list has been added to access schedule data.

17 December, 2022 - The following changes have been made since the last news message:

  • The assignment history on the bus page, which was previously limited to a couple weeks, can now be browsed in its entirety.
  • Stops are now interactable in map view. Also all the info popups have been revamped in layout with more helpful information.
  • The map view will now center automatically on your location (if you give your browser permission). Your location data isn't transmitted anywhere.
Please feel free to leave feedback through the button below or on the Discord server.

27 November, 2022 - Some long-awaited enhancements have been made including:

  • The block page has been revamped and now contains history of buses serving that block - for those of you who are ops you can now bookmark the block page and see what bus has been assigned to it each day.
  • The date on the stop page now can be changed and is no longer limited to "today".
  • The entire fleet list (what was previously known as the 'retirement export' text file) is now available as its own webpage.

31 October, 2022 - The site appearance has been refreshed with a more modern look and some minor cosmetic changes have been made.

27 November, 2021 - Find all the reindeer buses on one page!

11 May, 2021 - TransLink has restored the real time data systems.

1 December, 2020 - Due to a cyber attack on TransLink's computer systems, real time data is unavailable, so T-Comm will not have live data until further notice.

11 December, 2018 - Search by stop is now available. This should make it easier for ops to find their buses. More details are planned for that screen in the near future.

4 December, 2018 - TransLink developers report the GPS system has been fixed!

29 November, 2018 - TransLink has turned off the live data feed while working to correct an issue with stale/delayed data. T-Comm will not have live data until further notice.

30 July, 2017 - Schedule deviations are fixed. Sorry, was on vacation and it was difficult for me to fix without my laptop.

16 October, 2016 - Major changes to the map screen: New mapping system which should take a lot less time to load; filtering by route; route map is shown when selecting a vehicle; vehicle type is shown in the popup. Please leave any feedback you have to make T-Comm better.

22 December, 2015 - TransLink's data is missing the 2-week holiday schedule. I'm trying to get it from them. Punctuality, block/trip schedules and history will be unavailable until then. Sorry about that.

1st January, 2015 - Happy New Year! Updated the model names for all the new buses acquired over the past year and a half.

4th September, 2014 - Added nearest intersection to bus detail.

1st April, 2014 - Happy April Fool's Day ;)

13th June, 2013 - I'm pleased to announce that data here is now up to the minute! (when TransLink's data is working)

17th December, 2012 - Apparently some buses have a B/O GPS. These buses will be indicated as such on their detail page. Also now you can choose between a flat or nested view of a block assignment. Also block/trip listings show the stop codes.

14th November, 2012 - The bus detail page now shows up to the minute punctuality and location in the Simple Map.

26th October, 2012 - I've ported the site over to use the new and official TransLink Open API for real-time data. You won't see any visible changes on the website, but the data that drives the site now comes from an official source. I think there are good things to come from this new data feed from TransLink, and I already have some ideas for this site.

19th May, 2012 - I've decreased the munching interval to every 10 minutes while active users are on the site. Hopefully this will make the data a little more useful. Also fixed a bunch of late night/early morning bugs.

5th May, 2012 - The release of the newest Next Bus site probably broke T-Comm. I will try to get this fixed next week. Sorry for the inconvenience :(. (Update: things have been fixed)

5th January, 2012 - Punctuality is shown! See info page for icon legend.

4th January, 2012 - Trip and block schedules are now shown for each bus, as well as block assignment history.

23rd December, 2011 - The server will munch updates from the TransLink server every 15 minutes if there are people online (see the info page for details). You may be presented with outdated info if you're the first one to visit the site in a while. Give the server a few minutes to munch and try again.


Let me know if you have any other problems or suggestions:

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